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Fuller Youth Institute

Sticky Faith

How do we build lasting faith in the teenagers we love and serve? Find practical resources for youth ministry and parenting here.

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Growing Young

How can you unlock your church’s potential? Discover 6 research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church.

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Urban Ministry

How do we help today’s young people thrive in urban contexts? We are creating the most comprehensive resource for urban youth workers today.


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The Fuller Youth Institute is committed to ongoing investment in urban youth workers and the specific needs and concerns that arise in ministry in urban contexts.

We are so committed that we have developed one of the only graduate-level Certificate programs in the country that trains leaders specifically for urban youth ministry.

Partnering with Fuller faculty, urban ministry organization leaders, and front-line youth workers, we continue to conduct research and provide needed resources specific to urban ministry. Dr. Jude Tiersma Watson developed a Self-Care Toolkit for urban leaders, available free from our website! In the mean time, learn more about our research and access resources, or watch the video above to see what it’s about.

Training: Urban Youth Certificate

The Certificate in Urban Youth Ministry provides youth workers in urban church and parachurch settings with essential training vital to effective youth ministry.

This unique program offered by the Fuller Youth Institute draws from the expertise of Fuller’s Schools of Theology, Psychology and Intercultural Studies to offer academic training that can be completed with a minimum of time away from ministry commitments.

For more information: 

Contact Irene Cho at icho@fuller.edu or call us at 626.584.5550.