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Fuller Youth Institute

Sticky Faith

How do we build lasting faith in the teenagers we love and serve? Find practical resources for youth ministry and parenting here.

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Growing Young

How can you unlock your church’s potential? Discover 6 research-based strategies for integrating young people to create a thriving church.

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Urban Ministries

Receive world-class training right in your city. Our Certificate and Credential programs offer essential training vital to effective urban youth ministry.


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Unleash the passion of young people in your church.

The Growing Young Cohort

Discover proven strategies to become a church that engages young people through an exclusive program hosted by the creators of Growing Young. 


The Growing Young Cohort offers a customized, research-informed experience designed to inspire and train your leadership team. Throughout this yearlong program, we will look beyond the bad news as leading churches reveal what works with young people.

The Growing Young Cohort includes:

   Two in-person summits
   Regular online webinars
   One year of personalized coaching
   Comprehensive online diagnostic tests

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Let's make the church the best place for young people to grow.